Institute of Health

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Grygus Igor
Director, doctor of medical sciences, professor

Nebova Nataliya
Deputy Director for Academic and Methodological Activity
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Nogas Anzhela
Deputy Director for Science and Grant Activity
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Nikolenko Oleksandr
Deputy Director for Educational and Career Guidance Activity
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Address: 24, Volynska str., Hall of Residence № 5, Rivne 33018, Ukraine

About The Institute
The founder and director of the educational-scientific Institute of Health is Grygus Igor, doctor of medical sciences, professor, and an excellent educator of Ukraine.
The Educational and Scientific Institute of Health (ESIH) began its activity on February 15, 2018, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, the Charter of the University, on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University (Protocol No. 10 of December 27, 2017) and in pursuance of the rector’s order of 09.01.2018, No. 07 “On the Changing Organizational Structure of NUVHP, the Establishment of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Health”.
The structure of ESIH is included: the Department of Human Health and Physical Rehabilitation, the Department of Medical and Psychological Disciplines, the Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education.
Among the professors and teaching staff of the institute there are 2 doctors of medical sciences, a doctor of biological sciences, a doctor of physical education and sports, 2 candidates of medical sciences, a candidate of pedagogical sciences, 2 candidates of biological sciences, 4 candidates of physical education and sports, senior instructors and assistants. The academic rank of the professor has 2 doctors of sciences, the academic rank of associate professor – 1 doctor of sciences and 3 candidates.
There are 5 educational laboratories, specialized audiences, scientific electronic library and rehabilitation center functioning on the basis of ESIH.
Taking into account the high level of organization of the educational process, the Institute of Health prepares specialists capable of solving modern problems of physical therapy and ergotherapy, to develop scientifically grounded projects for the improvement of the population and rehabilitation of patients with different nosologies.
1. Educational work.
In the educational and scientific institution of public health there is a preparation of applicants for higher education for the first (Bachelor) and the second (Master’s) levels of education in the field of knowledge 22 “Public Health”. In particular, at the level of bachelor - in the direction of 6.010203 “Human Health”, specialty 227 “Physical rehabilitation”, Specialty 227 “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy” of daytime and part-time forms; at the master’s level - in specialty 227 “Physical therapy, Ergotherapy” of daytime and part-time forms and postgraduate education. Training is conducted on a state order and on a contractual basis.
The normative term of training for the first (Bachelor) level - 4 years, repeat (master’s) level - 1 year 4 months.
Postgraduate education suggests obtaining a specialty on the basis of the previously obtained educational qualification level of a bachelor, specialist or master of any specialty and practical experience.
Upon graduation, graduates are awarded the appropriate qualification, which is confirmed by a state-recognized diploma.
Also, training and retraining courses for I-IV levels of accreditation of the educational institutions of Ukraine are being conducted.
The Educational and Scientific Institute of Health has quite adequate material and technical support for conducting the educational process and training of specialists, who are competitive on the labor market.
The list of basic disciplines: Anatomy of the Man, Physiology, Theory and Method of Physical Education, Physical Rehabilitation in Traumatology and Orthopedics, Diagnostics and Monitoring of Health, Preventive and Therapeutic Massage, Physical Rehabilitation in Cosmetology, Psychological Rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation in Surgery, Kinesiotherapy, Physical Rehabilitation in Diseases of Internal Organs, Physical Rehabilitation in Neurology and Neurosurgery, Physical Rehabilitation in Pulmonology, Physical Rehabilitation in Pediatrics, Modern Fitness Technology, Physical Rehabilitation in Cardiology, Physical Rehabilitation in Cosmetology, Fundamentals of the Scientific Research.
The list of masters’ basic disciplines: Innovative Means of Rehabilitation, Public Health, Diagnostics and Programs of Physical Rehabilitation in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Diagnostics and Programs of Physical Rehabilitation in Gerontology, Diagnostics and Programs of Physical Rehabilitation in Pulmonology, Diagnostics and Programs of Physical Rehabilitation in Pediatrics, Therapeutic Massage and Self-massage, Complex Rehabilitation of Servicemen and Their Family Members, Physical Recreation, Theory and Methodology of Modern Fitness.
2. Scientific work.
Scientific and pedagogical workers of the Educational-Scientific Institute of Public Health work on the implementation of research work on the theme: “Rehabilitation and Physical and Recreation Technologies for Restoration and Maintaining Human Health” for 2017-2021. (State Registration Number 0117U007676).
General direction of scientific work is carried out by the director of the educational and scientific institute of public health, the doctor of medical sciences, professor Igor Mykhailovich Grygus.
Scientific activity of ESIH is carried out in the following directions:
1. Theoretical and methodical bases of physical rehabilitation of children with clubfoot defects.
2. Theoretical and methodological bases of physical rehabilitation of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Theoretical and methodical bases of physical rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
4. Methodology of improvement of students of high schools during professional training.
5. Physical rehabilitation of pelvic predilections and inappropriate fetal positions in the II-III trimester of pregnancy.
6. Optimization of physical fitness of students of a humanitarian university with different types of autonomous nervous system.
The faculty members of the departments, who are leading and experienced specialists in the field, are assigned in each direction. According to the results of research work at the end of each calendar year, the department compiles a report on the basis of conducted research.
The scientific activity of the departments is reflected in the publications of the research results. Scientific and pedagogical workers have published more than 100 articles and theses in scientific publications, 5 monographs, 15 textbooks, including 4 textbooks with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine.
During 2013-2018, the results of scientific work were reported at more than 50 international, all-Ukrainian, intra-university scientific-practical and online conferences.
The faculty members who are members of both the World Confederation of Physical Therapy and the Ukrainian Association of Physical Therapy take part in scientific research on human health and physical rehabilitation, undergo advanced training and planned internships at leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland, which allows to provide students with the information, knowledge and skills on modern scientific and practical developments in the field of physical therapy, recreation, physical education, sports and human health.
Students of the educational and research institute of public health actively participate in scientific researches, scientific seminars and circles. Particular attention is paid to the participation of students in conferences, online conferences, annual All-Ukrainian student Olympiads and competitions. As a result, students have publications in special and professional editions, and they are winners of the I and II stages of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Physical Rehabilitation.
The research activity of the institute is provided by:
• The unity of the content of education, curriculum and scientific activity;
• The combination of theoretical and empirical research;
• Creation of standards for higher education, textbooks and training materials;
• By developing various forms of scientific cooperation (including international) with scientific institutions and organizations;
• Introduction of the results of scientific research into the practice of the basic rehabilitation centers;
• Direct participation of scientific and pedagogical workers in carrying out scientific research topics;
• Attracting students, scientific and pedagogical staff, specialists of physical rehabilitation of other institutions and scientists of higher educational and scientific institutions to carrying out scientific research work;
• Organization and conducting of scientific, scientific and practical international and all-Ukrainian conferences, methodological seminars and round tables;
• Publication of scientific and methodological works;
• Publication of the scientific journal “Rehabilitation and Physical Culture-Recreational Aspects of Human Development”.
3. Educational work.
Educational work at ESIH is carried out in accordance with the legislative documents: the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” (2014), the Law of Ukraine “On Education” (2017), the National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine for the period up to 2021 from 25.06.2013. No. 344, Decrees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “On Celebration of Memorable Days and Anniversaries in the current year”.
The planning of educational work at the institute is based on specified goals and educational tasks:
- Education of respect for the Motherland and its history;
- Formation of national consciousness, patriotism;
- Education of legal culture, respect for the Constitution of Ukraine;
- Education of a culture of behavior, personality of students;
- Training of highly professional specialists;
- Observance of the principles of universal humanity, Christian morality and ethics;
- Formation of speech culture;
- Mastering the achievements of national and world culture;
- Development of students’ talents and abilities;
- Formation of aesthetic taste of students;
- Physical perfection and ecological education.
The basic directions of educational work of ESIH are:
- Mastering knowledge about the future specialty;
- Participation in socially-beneficial events;
- Development of social activity of students;
- Educational and cognitive activity;
- Sports and health activities;
- Cultural and mass activity;
- Participation in scientific research;
- Charity activities;
- Volunteer activity;
- Organization of cultural and tourist rest of students. Educational work at ESIH is conducted in accordance with the calendar-thematic plan.
4. International activities.
Active and fruitful scientific, methodical work and educational cooperation with higher educational institutions of Poland and Belarus are conducted.
Passage of summer practice by students and internships by faculty members on the basis of rehabilitation centers of the Academy of Physical Education and Sports named after Edzheya Snyadetskego, Gdansk, Poland.
There is participation in the double diploma program with the universities in Poland.
There is carrying out and participation in regular international scientific-practical and on-line conferences.
There are traditionally 6 months-long internships for teachers in Polish universities.
International connections create conditions for internships of teachers and students, training of talented students abroad, in the Republic of Poland.
ESIH actively participates in the exchange of experience with other higher educational establishments, research institutions and medical and preventive institutions of Ukraine and abroad.
Rehabilitation center provides:
1) The implementation of the main tasks defined by the Laws of Ukraine “On the Basics of Social Protection of the Disabled in Ukraine”, “On Rehabilitation of the Disabled in Ukraine”, “On Social Services” regarding the provision of the right to rehabilitation with a view to their further integration in society;
2) Creation of conditions for the comprehensive development, absorption of knowledge by children with special needs, skills and abilities in order to prepare them for pre-school education, followed by the acquisition of children with basic and complete secondary education, vocational education and higher education;
3) Preparation of parents of children with special needs to implement rehabilitation process outside the rehabilitation center;
4) Provision of rehabilitation services in accordance with individual programs of rehabilitation and active involvement of parents and (or) legal representatives;
5) Provision of qualified rehabilitation assistance to students and other persons with various diseases and children with special needs, military personnel, migrants and their families, who suffered as a result of hostilities.
The main types of rehabilitation services are:
• Rehabilitation examinations with various pathologies;
• Determination of the functional state of the organism and the level of work capacity;
• Preparation of rehabilitation program;
• Classical methods of therapeutic physical culture, improving the general condition of the patient;
• Restoration of motor functions;
• Rehabilitation training on the implementation of major movements;
• Rehabilitation interventions for the development of general and small motility;
• Physiotherapeutic procedures, in which there is a temporary improvement due to anesthesia, improvement of local blood circulation, decrease in edema and anti-inflammatory action;
• Varieties of massage that contribute to the improvement of local blood circulation in the muscles and have a reflex effect;
• Manual therapy, positively affects by restoring the correct location of the vertebrae, improving local blood circulation
• Fitness for the whole body’s health;
• Varieties of massage: therapeutic, classical, relaxation, Thai traditional, Thai stretching massage, Spanish, Japanese, bamboo sticks;
• Stretching therapy;
• Ergotherapy;
• Sensory and motor development of patients;
• Learning mobility with auxiliary means.
The rehabilitation center also provides counseling and information assistance to students with disabilities on various issues of learning and life, social-psychological, counseling and correctional care for children with somatic, sensory and physical disorders, their parents and family members.
Massage courses
The Department of Human Health and Physical Rehabilitation conducts classes in groups for classical massage courses, which can be enrolled by students of different directions and specialties.
The training of masseurs includes lectures and practical classes held on the basis of the rehabilitation center. The schedule of classes is taking into account the wishes of all the group listeners. The courses are conducted by the doctor of physical rehabilitation, the head of the department of human health and physical rehabilitation.
After graduation, there is obtaining of a state certificate of the National University of Water Management and Nature Management in Ukrainian and English.