Institute of Health

Department of human health and physical rehabilitation

Head of the department: Nesterchuk Nataliia Doctor of science in physical education and sports, professor
Address: 24, Volynska str., Hall of Residence № 5, Rivne 33018, Ukraine
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The staff of the department includes:

Teaching staff of the department
• professors: Grygus Igor; Mahlovanyi Anatolii
• associate professors: Nahorna Olha; Fedorovych Oleh; Podoliaka Petro
• senior lecturers: Nikolenko Oleksandr; Zakharchenko Ihor; Zarichanska Liudmyla; Stavinska Oksana; Kotiai Nataliia
• junior lecturers: Kruk Ivanna; Podolianchuk Inna; Sydoruk Inna; Kozachok Nataliia


Teaching and laboratory facilities of the department

• Inclusive Learning Laboratory
• Rehabilitation hall
• Hall of therapeutic physical culture
• Laboratory of therapeutic massage
• Laboratory of eastern methods of rehabilitation

Extracurricular work of the department

The graduating department of OPP “Physical therapy, Ergotherapy” in the specialty 227 “Physical therapy, Ergotherapy” is the department of human health and physical rehabilitation.
The Department of Human Health and Physical Rehabilitation at the National University of Water Management and Nature Management has been fully operational since May 15, 2013.
Head of the department is Nesterchuk Natalya Evgenievna, Ph.D.phys. ed, Professor of the Department of Human Health and Physical Rehabilitation, Adaptive Physical Culture.
With the opening in 2013, direction 6.010203 “Human Health”, the department received the status of issuing and now provides teaching of more than 50 academic disciplines.
The educational process at the Department of Human Health and Physical Rehabilitation is organized taking into account the possibilities of modern information technology education and oriented towards the formation of an educated, harmoniously developed personality, capable of continuous learning of the latest scientific knowledge, professional mobility and rapid adaptation to change.
The educational process at the department is carried out in the following forms: training sessions, individual tasks, independent work of students, practical training and control activities. The main types of training sessions are: lecture, laboratory, practical training and counseling.
Nowadays OPP “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy” has been completely developed according to the educational level of “Master” and the corresponding curricula have been approved. For 100% of the disciplines of the curriculum of the OPP “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy”, specialty 227 “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy” worked out and approved work programs, plans for practical, laboratory work, didactic support for students’ independent work, and prepared sets of examinations (KKR).
According to the disciplines of the curriculum of the specialty, methodological guidelines for course work are developed and approved. The textbooks and manuals of discipline of the specialty, which are read by the teachers of the department, students are provided with 100%. Also prepared and preparing for publication their teaching aids.
The faculty staff of the department together with the traditional methods of teaching in the form of lectures, practical and laboratory classes are widely introduced into the educational process active forms of learning, aimed at activating the student’s independent work, the transition from simple reproduction of knowledge, to their profound understanding and creative use.
Students can access modern and up-to-date information in the field of human health and physical rehabilitation through periodical professional editions presented in the reading room of the university library and methodical cabinet of the Department of Human Health and Physical Rehabilitation.
Scientific specialization of the department is “Rehabilitation and Physical Culture Recreational Aspects of Human Development”. The general management of scientific work at the department is carried out by the director of ESIH, doctor of medical sciences, professor I.M. Grygus. The scientific activity of the department is carried out in the following areas:
1. Theoretical and methodical bases of physical rehabilitation of children with congenital clubfoot defects.
2. Theoretical and methodological bases of physical rehabilitation of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Theoretical and methodical bases of physical rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
4. Technique of health improvement of students of high schools during professional training.
5. Physical rehabilitation in pelvic predilections and abnormal positions of the fetus in the II-III trimester of pregnancy.
6. Optimization of physical fitness of students of the humanitarian university with different types of autonomous nervous system.
The above scientific directions are realized by performing the research work of the department. Now the department is working on the implementation of the departmental research work on the theme “Rehabilitation and Physical Culture-Recreational Aspects of Human Development”, registered at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information (State Registration Number 0114U001366). In each direction the teachers are assigned, who are the leading and experienced specialists in the field of the department. According to the results of research work at the end of each calendar year, the department makes a report on the basis of conducted research. An important component of the scientific work of the department is to attract students to scientific work. The results of joint scientific work of students and faculty of the department are reported at student scientific-practical and online conferences. The results of the conferences determine the best reports, the theses of which are printed in specialized collections. Students of the Department take part in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on Physical Rehabilitation. International connections create conditions for traineeships of teachers, students, training talented students abroad, in the Republic of Poland. The department takes an active part in the exchange of experience with other higher educational institutions, research and medical and preventive institutions of the region.