Institute of Health

Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education

Head of the Department: Yevtukh Mykola Candidate of sciences of physical education and sports, associate professor
Address: 24, Volynska str., Hall of Residence № 5, Rivne 33018, Ukraine
Phone: 6-71
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Teaching staff of the department

  • professors: Nesterchuk Nataliia
  • associate professors: Fedorovych Oleh; Gamma Tetyana
  • senior lecturers: Nikolenko Oleksandr; Girak Anatoly; Petruk Lyudmila; Nebova Natalia; Rabchenyuk Sergey

Teaching and laboratory facilities of the department

  • Hall of therapeutic physical culture
  • Laboratories of sensorimotor development

Extracurricular work of the department

The head of the department is Yevtukh Mykola Ivanovich, Ph.D. in physical education and sports, associate professor.
Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education in the specialty 227 “Physical Rehabilitation”. Qualification: Bachelor of Physical Rehabilitation Knowledge: 22 Health Care Duration: 4 years Mode of Study: daytime
The history of the department’s development began on May 15, 2013 at the National University of Water Management and Nature Management. The training of students includes two areas: human health and physical rehabilitation, and the theory and method of physical education. To date, the faculty has a staff of 9, namely: two doctors of sciences, one associate professor, two candidates of sciences, four senior professors, namely: Nesterchuk N. E., professor of depart. of physical education and sports, Professor, Grygus I.M., MD, d.m.n., professor, Nogas A.A., depart. of physical education and sports, Associate professor, Yevtukh M.I. depart. of physical education and sports, Hirak A.N., sen. lec., Gorchak V.V., sen. lec., Kudriavtsev A.I., sen. lec., Nikolenko A.I., glerk.
Teachers strive to provide students deep knowledge of the chosen specialty, teach them to apply them in practice, conduct experiments and observations, be able to make scientifically based conclusions and to work creatively, to independently acquire knowledge. The Department “Theories and Methods of Physical Education” carries out the following main types of activity: educational, methodical, scientific-methodical and sporting.
The department cooperates in the framework of signed agreements with higher educational institutions of Ukraine, Poland and Russia. In particular, with such well-known universities of Poland as the Private High School of Environmental Protection in Radom, the Krakow Academy of Anzhei Fricha Modjevsky, the Higher School of Social Sciences named after Vincent Polya in Lublin, the Academy of Physical Education and Sport named after Edzheya Snyadetskego, in Gdansk, the University named after of Great Kazimir in Bydgoshch.
Educational and methodological support in the training of specialists is a determining factor in the quality of education, therefore, it relates to the priority areas of the work of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education. The methodological support of the department includes textbooks and manuals with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as methodological developments of authorship of the staff of the department. Regular discussions are underway; analyzes open teacher training and results of mutual visits.
The department has a well-developed material and technical base, training rooms and laboratories equipped with appropriate training facilities, multimedia projectors, computer equipment, necessary technical equipment, inventory, materials and other means of training for the preparation of bachelors and masters.
Lectures of the department provide teaching of such disciplines of the vocational training cycle:
• Adaptive sports • Biomechanics • Biochemistry of physical education and sports • Correctional pedagogy • Non-traditional means of recovery • Wellness tourism and orientation • Theories and technologies of recreational motor activity • Theory and method of teaching sports disciplines • Theory and method of physical education • Partial methods of adaptive physical culture
Planned types of teaching activities and teaching methods:
Lectures are with using information technologies, laboratory, practical classes, and individual tasks in the form of course work and passing the exam. Form and evaluation criteria:
Evaluation criteria are carried out on the ECTS scale. - Current control (testing, survey) - modular control (testing); - final control; - performance appraisal and coursework protection. Language of instruction: Ukrainian.
The main areas of scientific research are carried out within the framework of the implementation of the theme: “Rehabilitation and Physical Culture-Recreational Aspects of Human Development”, registered at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information (State Registration Number 0114U001366). General leadership of scientific work at the department is carried out by its head, doctor of physical education and sports, professor N.E. Nesterchuk.
The scientific activity of the department is carried out in the following areas:
• The methodology for the improvement of students of higher educational institutions during vocational training. • Optimization of physical fitness of students of a humanitarian university with different types of autonomous nervous system.
Specialties and specialization
Specialty - 227 Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy (for I Bachelor and II Master’s Levels of Higher Education) 227 Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy.