Nataliia Savina

Vice-rector for Research Work and International Relations
Doctor of Economics, Professor

Days and reception hours 

10.00 - 12.00 staff members
16.00 - 18.00 students

10.00 - 12.00 students
16.00 - 18.00 staff members
Tel .: 63-31-29, 6-04 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Structural subdivisions, activities of which are directed, coordinated and supervised by the vice-rector:

●   research section;
●   research laboratories;
●   postgraduate and doctoral studies sector;
●   students research work sector;
●   centre of work with foreign students and international relations within the following sectors:
●    sector of work with foreign students;
●    sector of international relations;
●    European education sector;
●    sector of innovation activities and transfer of technologies;
●    scientific and technical board;
●    council of young scientists.

Organizes, directs, coordinates and supervises:

●   conducting scientific research and development work aimed at creating and implementing new competitive technologies, types of facilities, materials, etc. to provide innovative development of the society, training of innovative type specialists;
●   scientific, technological and innovative activities of the University, including the implementation of research results;
●   scientific ties with other universities, research institutions, centres and other enterprises, institutions and organizations;
●   the work on the creation of scientific and educational, scientific and research associations, innovative structures and other organizational forms of cooperation;
●   the work on the introduction of jointly created innovative products into the production of other sectors of the economy, etc.;
●   international scientific and scientific-technical cooperation;
●   scientific relations with international centres, funds, programs, other foreign institutions;
●   holding scientific and scientific and practical conferences, seminars, congresses;
●   the work to ensure the acquisition, security and protection of intellectual property rights relative to the results of scientific and  scientific-technical activities;
●   contractual, state budgetary and structural subdivisions subjects;
●   the work of postgraduate, doctoral students and candidates;
●   scientific editions of the University;
●   the integration of the educational process, science and industries;
●   organization of scientific and production activities in coordination with the educational process within the framework of the engineering and design offices activities, centres of scientific and technical creativity of youth, and others;
●   organization and holding of olympiads (contests) of students' creativity;
●   organizing and conducting scientific conferences, including students' ones;
●   organization of scientific, scientific and practical, scientific and methodical seminars, competitions;
●   organization and implementation of scientific, scientific-technical, scientific and industrial activities in the educational process;
●   attraction of leading scientists, employees of higher educational institutions and other scientific establishments and organizations to participate in the educational and teaching process;
●   participation in the implementation of state, regional, and international research projects and programs;
●   participation of scientific and teaching staff and students in the Ukrainian and international competitions for grants;
●   working out and conclusion of agreements (contracts) with foreign audience, students, trainees, postgraduate and doctoral students;
●   the work for the registration of foreign audience, students, postgraduate students, trainees;
●   the work on the conclusion of agreements with foreign higher schools, research institutions;
●   holding scientific contests;
●   scientific work of students;
●   visiting scholars;
●   training abroad of scientific and pedagogical workers, doctoral students, postgraduate students and students;
●   activities of the specialized academic boards for defending theses;
●   the work on licensing to prepare foreigners and stateless persons for admission to the institutions of higher education, their training (retraining) according to the respective directions (specialties);
●   the work on the nostrification of education documents;
●   training process of foreigners and stateless persons;
●   papers on issues related to training and education documents of foreigners and stateless persons;
●   the work to provide paid educational services;
●   the work on the provision of additional paid educational services.

National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

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