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Forum "INNOVATION MARKET" and XV International industrial forum

22-24 November at the International exhibition center (Kyiv sity) hosted the international Forum "INNOVATION MARKET" (MFIM) and the XV international industrial forum.

d4b22e8d4b1fb6349c7d95bc5629e3c0 LNovember 22-24 at the International exhibition center (Kyiv sity) hosted the international Forum "INNOVATION MARKET" (IFIM) and the XV international industrial forum.

MFIM is the meeting place of innovators, inventors, manufacturers of innovative technologies, the authors of Startup-projects with representatives of the companies - potential consumers interested in the technological update of production processes, accelerators, investment projects, experts in various industries, consultants in the field of intellectual property protection, representatives of reputable investment financial institutions of Ukraine, Poland and China, with political leaders of Ukraine.

Participants MPIM had the opportunity to visit the international industrial forum includes specialized exhibitions in the field of metal, machinery and related areas, as well as a rich program of scientific conferences, seminars, presentations participants. The exhibitors are leading industrial enterprises of Ukraine, CIS and far abroad.

In the framework of the International Forum "INNOVATION MARKET" was a conference, exhibition, Startup alley and seminar. The conference discussed the problems of science and proposals for ways and means of their solution, from assistance in finding grants, programs, the implementation of the decisions to initiate the necessary bills aimed at creation of mechanisms of interaction of markets of scientific and technical problems and solutions. With its experience in commercialization of innovative projects shared:

Alexander Cross, Dr., Professor, Chairman of the SCC Consortium (Poland), Katarzyna Skrekovski, investment adviser, Poland. The state of modern commercial banking and investment Affairs in the EU on the example of Poland. Olga Krupskaya, President of the Foundation "National development and innovation". The practice of commercialization of knowledge-based projects. Management of innovations. I enjoyed Sergey Nikolaevich, Professor of the Department of dynamics and strength of machines and resistance of materials of MMI. Attract grant funds to the innovative development of Ukraine (Horizon 2020). And others. One of the activities IFIM was a Scientific-practical seminar "Practice of creating offices of intellectual property management".

The seminar was conducted by the research Institute of intellectual property national Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine, UKRINTEI MES of Ukraine, NGO "Ukrainian Council of inventors and innovators." Workshop participants received a Certificate of qualification.

Participation in the Forum:
to communicate with experts in various sectors of the economy;
get advice of lawyers specialists in intellectual property and copyright;
to find contacts with representatives of international funds in the field of support of development of high technologies and other professional organizations;
to learn from the experiences of their colleagues, to do a self-assessment of their achievements, to strengthen and expand their professional network;
to communicate with government officials who shape policy in the sphere of science and production.

Shepherd Vita Nikolaevna,
sector innovation and technology transfer

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