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NUWEE as a creative centre of Rivne

Hackathon of Creative Entrepreneurship was held on October 13-15 at the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering in Rivne (Ukraine) within Visegrad Urban Creativity Cluster Network project. Tomas Bata University in Zlin, as a part of Zlin Creative Cluster, is a partner in the above mentioned project.

About 80 people from all regions of Ukraine took part in this grand event. Inspired by their creative entrepreneurial ideas, the participants formed 14 teams, 12 of them came to the finish line and presented their projects. In the beginning, our mentors gave lectures and presentations. Among the mentors we could see the representatives of the partner organizations of the project, and other well-known people in the creative spheres: Krzysztof Łątka from Lublin (Poland), Małgorzata Różańska-Braniecka and Joanna Kądziołka from Krakow (Poland), Miso Hudak and Gabriel Oprendek from Kosice (Slovakia),  Maria Olejarova from Bratislava (Slovakia),  Oleksandr Krakovetskyi and Yuliia Fediv  from Kyiv (Ukraine), Serhii Hemberh and Olena Shulha from Rivne (Ukraine).

The participants of the Hackathon had a unique possibility to take part in three motivational workshops conducted by Krzysztof Łątka, Yuliia Fediv and Oleksandr Krakovetskyi. The day ended with the opening party held in the shelter within Design Shelter Weekend, a two-day creative market where manufacturers and entrepreneurs presented their services and goods.

According to the rules, the teams consisted of 2 to 6 people each and had 24 hours to create and prepare for pitching.  Each idea had to respond to the Hackaton challenges that were announced in advance, namely: creativity, innovation, city and entrepreneurship; and it should also be  monetized.   The other  prerequisite the projects was their pre-registration on one of the crowdfunding platforms. Within  the first 12 hours all the mentors joined the participants twice to advise  and inspire the  teams to work at night.

The teams noted down, discussed and thought over their ideas; created images and just creativified in the Open Office space 24 hours non-stop, and the mentors helped them to succeed.

The intensive work wasn’t easy for everyone: 2 teams did not reach the finish line for various reasons, but on Sunday morning pitching started exactly on schedule. It should be mentioned that the teams approached both the projects and their presentations creatively. They used video, sang and made jokes – anything you may want.

The winner was chosen by the mentors who acted as the jury the next morning. By the way, the jury chose the best project taking into consideration the following criteria: the idea evaluation (creativity, feasibility, originality, value and  intuitive clarity), assessment of the feasibility of the project, its ambitions, multidisciplinary, social and urban impact. 20 % of the total score was given to the project presentation, its creativity and WOW-effect, etc.

It should be emphasized, without exception, the level of the projects was very high, and the gap between the points of the first and the third place was quite small. It is also important that although only three teams were announced the winners, neither team failed. The three winning teams received the main prize, which is the inspirational tour to the creative centers of Europe: Lublin, Krakow, Kosice, Zlin, Budapest and Lviv, where they will be able to make contacts and get some experience, inspiration and ideas for the implementation of their projects.

Here is  the list of the teams and their ideas:

Creative Cup During the night, the team printed 2 cups using 3-D printer. The cups are sensitive to the  temperature of the liquid inside and change their colour. The team also came up with a plan to promote the cup.

Resma Platform The team presented the platform to cut down energy consumption, promote energy efficient technology and provide accurate decentralized control over resources consumption in real time.

RUBBLE Runner The representatives of IT world created the game that can teach children about the basis of circular economy.

OrangeAREA The idea refers to the establishment of creative accelerator, the platform for development of creative projects and technology.

Creative Production Platform The project aimed at development of technological innovations in the field of education, economics and community.

IntroMuse ­— is a project, directed on solving the decline of intellectual tourism, problem of gentrification process, the lack of permanent financial support for NGOs which are working with small districts, etc.

Buzina The team is planning to develop a mobile application Virne, the platform for tourists and locals, that combines the features of a map, a guidebook, event search and other useful functions.

Events Pirates app The team developed an application to search for events.

As for the winners, their ideas are as following:

  1. PlayGround is a playground for children with special needs.
  1. GreenIsland is the project for modular landscaping of public spaces and streets, public catering establishments, homes and apartments using recycled plastics, 3d printing and hydroponics.
  1. Shpynat (Spinach) is the project aimed at opening a bar with creative street food.

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